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Pretend-Play Foam Amber Dragon Knight Sword

SKU: 13509

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The Amber Dragon Sword has been forged so that it can be used for duelling an enemy and controlling an Amber Dragon. To ensure optimal grip, the handle is coated with blue dragon scales, and an ancient nugget of amber is encrusted on the end of the handle as a counterweight to the blade. The nugget of amber also contains a small, but real dragon egg.

All Liontouch pretend-play items are made from EVA foam, ensuring play remains safe! EVA foam is very light, waterproof, insulating and shock absorbing.

Pretend-play builds social and emotional roles in life. And, exercising the imagination develops self-confidence, leading to better problem solving in the future.

  • Manufacturer Hotaling
  • Item Number 13509
  • Manufacturer # 29.300


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