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  • Unicorn Little Knottie Blankie

    10×10 From their original watercolor prints to sweet expressions, these Knotties are nice! Learn More

  • Dena Neon Rainbow Stacker

    Chewable, stackable, and totally adorable! This silicone stacker will soothe gums and brighten your baby's world with it's bright neon colors! Learn More

  • Panda Sshlumpie

    Come and join our cuddly plush Panda Sshlumpie for a romp and a snuggle! This friendly faced bear cub loves rolling around on the floor or cozying up for some sweet dreams. And as a versatile Sshlumpie soft toy, he’s equally suited to do both! Understuffed and ultra soft, our Sshlumpies can be laid out flat for Baby to lie on or squished up for cuddling. Their lightweight nature also makes them perfect for little people to carry around and love. Downy soft plush materials and embroidered facial features make this playful Panda a safe and endearing friend. Learn More

  • Sophie Colo'ring Teether

    Healthy and natural, this teether is made 100% natural rubber! With numerous soft parts to chew and with various textures it offers different massages and relieves efficiently Baby’s sore gums. Its 4 geometrical and colorful shapes catch Baby’s eyes, while playing and sliding them around the main ring!

    Learn More

4 Item(s)

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